April 2019

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council.

Held on 1st April 2019



  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Lawson, Cllrs, Boyes, Coward, Dixon, Horricks, McGuirk, Ogilvie, B Parke, Troughton, Ward/County Cllr Barbour, and the clerk. The chairman asked the vice chair to lead the discussions.


2 Announcements and Apologies: There was an apology from Cllr L Parke. 3 members of the public were present. The vice chairman thanked Cllr McGuirk who was not standing in the forthcoming parish election He said that Hazel came onto the council in May 2003 and has served diligently for 16 years He particularly wished to thank her for the work she had undertaken to ensure that the flowers in the planters were a credit to the parish. The vice chairman said that he understood that Cllr Lawson would not seek to continue as Chairman if he were to be re-elected. He said that Alan had served as chairman since May 2003 and carried out those duties conscientiously throughout the 16 years. He thanked Alan particularly for the motor mower duties he had undertaken over a number of years.


3 Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the March meeting were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests. It was agreed that declaration of interests would be made if issues on the agenda arose


5 Community Connections project. The vice chairman welcomed Diane Taylor the community connections worker in Distington and district for Age UK. Diane spoke about the work she and colleagues undertook to combat loneliness amongst old people in the area. She said she was trying to find volunteers who would visit old people in the area who often had no relatives living locally. She said it was only by attending meetings such as this one that she found out about the lonely because she could not simply knock on doors. Diane said that Age UK had suffered financially of late and had to cut back on staff and some of the outreach centres. It was noted that there was lunch club at St Marks each month and one at the parish hall below the Rosehill theatre. It was suggested that Diane wrote a short note for the parish council magazine which will be published in May/June. The vice chairman thanked Mrs Taylor for her attendance.


  1. Public Participation
  2. a) Ward/County Councillor. Cllr Barbour said he had no information to pass on as the ward councillor save to remind the council that district council elections were to be held on the 2nd May 2019 together with an election for the Copeland Mayor and parish elections. He said that he had not yet received a response to his last letter to the county council officer about the Walkmill Country Park.
  3. b) Public Participation A resident asked if a dog waste bin could be sited beyond the last bungalow on the Old Pit Lane The clerk said this was a request that had been made before. The council agreed to try again. A resident asked when the next newsletter was due to be published and hoped that information about Walkmill would be included. A resident raised a number of issues concerning Walkmill She asked about sporting rights and whether shooting could be removed from the sale literature. She asked about the present covenants and said that the district council had been approached asking that the land be deemed “An Asset of Community Value” She understood that the parish council were to consider at the annual meeting to be held in May whether to set up a sub committee to deal with this issue and were prepared to co-opt members of the action group. She said that if that was the case, she would hope that three places would be offered.


6 Walkmill Country Park The clerk reminded the meeting that when councillors met for another purpose earlier, they had discussed the Walkmill issue. They had said that at the April meeting they would announce that at the annual meeting in May a proposal to set up a sub committee would be made with a view to co-opting one or more from the resident’s group. The question of requesting an asset transfer would the be re-considered. The meeting confirmed this way forward. The clerk said that there were four matters to note.

  1. a) It was likely that the contractor for the main works in the woodland would undertake the improvement to the unadopted path from Emmaus House to the right of way on the old railway line
  2. b) The exchange of electronic mail mentioned at the March meeting had been posted on the website
  3. c) Notification had been received that the path past the pond would be closed from 1st June in order that the boardwalk could be removed and improvements made.
  4. d) That councillors had been advised of the contents of the message from the Walkmill action group.


  1. Police Report There was a report for March 2019. There had been 12 logged incidents two of which concerned sheep on the public highway, a two-vehicle minor injury rad traffic collision at Round Close Park and the report of a Wheelie Bin on the road at Howgate. No details of the other incidents were given. It was agreed that the problem with untaxed cars that were not roadworthy but parked on the highways should be reported.


8 Planning Matters

  1. a) Woodlands Low Moresby. Application to replace existing conservatory with a new sun room. There were no objections
  2. b) The Mount Whitehaven. Application for the revision of layout by replacing 7 units with 9 bungalows. The clerk said that this development was on the boundary between Whitehaven and Moresby and the council had not commented on the main application. It was agreed not to comment on this revision.
  3. c) New Dwelling Site at Low Moresby. The clerk said that the council had at an earlier meeting agreed to object to an application to amend a previously agreed application on the grounds that it offended the development plan currently in place. The planning officer had written to say that whilst he was in agreement the planning authority were bound by the earlier decision and the amendment would be allowed





10 Clerk’s Report

  1. a) Back Lanes Waste. The clerk said he had received a message from the environmental health officer asking that the councillor who reported the incident should speak direct because the district council had received conflicting information concerning this issue.
  2. b) Path Moresby to Round Close) The clerk said that he had still heard nothing from the district council

c Allotments The clerk said that he had collected most of the rent from plot holders and would chase the others in the next week or so. It was agreed that the workman who cleared the play area each week would be permitted to retain the brush cutter whilst he was clearing the common areas in the Allotments

  1. d) Standing Orders The clerk said that the council’s standing orders were in need of amendment and he produced a draft which the council agreed. He said that all the amendments were in the mandatory sections and simply reflected new legislation.
  2. e) Grass Cutting It was agreed that the contractor previously employed to cut grass at Howgate should be asked to re-commence the work.


  1. Correspondence
  2. a) Election nomination notices had been placed on the notice boards
  3. b) A brochure advertising Merchant Navy day had been received.


12 Cheques to be approved for payment

101365                        J C Shaw                                  (Salary March)                         £200.00

101366                        J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £25.70



  1. Parish Councillors Matters:
  2. a) Mr Parke referred to the new speed bumps on Moresby Parks Road. It was noted that they had been painted earlier in the day and were now complete
  3. b) Mrs Coward asked if any progress had been made for a notice indicating a turning circle at the end of Dent Road The county councillor said he had raised the matter.
  4. c) Mrs McGuirk asked if a plaque could be placed at Walkmill on the site of the old colliery. It was agreed to take this matter forward once the settled status of the park was agreed.

d)Mrs McGuirk said that one or more of the planters were damaged and she would enquire about replacements It was noted that the winter planting had been a success.

  1. e) The chairman said that the state of the pavements was a disgrace. The county councillor said he would remind officers that work on the pavements was in the current years list of work to be done.


The meeting closed at 8.15pm.


The next meeting was fixed for the 13th of May 2019


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