April 2021

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Meeting Agenda

Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 12th April 2021 at 7.00 pm.

This will be a Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform.

  1. Attendance
  2. Apologies and Announcements
  3. Approval and signing of the minutes of the March 2021 meeting
  4. Declaration of Interests
  5. (a) Ward /County Councillor (issues to mention)
    (b) Public participation
  6. Police Issues
  7. Planning Matters None to date
  8. Walkmill sub-committee report
  9. Consultation. Local Government Reorganisation (Chairman to Lead)
  10. Consultation. Ability to continue Virtual Meetings Date of Next Meeting to be arranged. This is the annual meeting of the parish council
  11. Allotments
  12. Play Area and Field cutting and fence
  13. Motor Mower. Cutting of verges
  14. Correspondence (to note)
  15. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts (note to follow)
  16. Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)

J C Shaw, Parish Clerk
7th April 2021



Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 12th April  2021 at 7.00 pm.

Note: The meeting was held remotely on the Zoom platform.

Members of the public were advised and able to join the meeting.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Casson, Connery, Coward, Horricks, Lawson, Ogilvie, B Parke, Ward Cllr Minshaw and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements There was an apology from Cllr Parke-Parr.


3 Minutes of the March 2021 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Public participation No member of the public joined the meeting.


5b. Ward/County Councillor.

There was no report from County Cllr Barbour

Ward Cllr Minshaw said that there was little activity at the borough council with meetings still being held virtually and with Police and Crime Commissioners election pending there was Purdah of sorts in place. He said that the consultation on local government reorganisation was underway and so far as the Copeland Allerdale Carlisle bid was concerned full council had not had an opportunity to take a view


  1. Police The clerk said that he had circulated most recent newsletters. Mr Lawson asked if the caravan on the grassed area behind Walkmill Close could be reported as it was believed it may be occupied.


7 Planning The clerk said that there were no applications as such but a request to purchase land beside 4 Eden Drive had been received by the borough council who were now seeking the parish council’s views. The clerk said this was a small play area with only one unit and poor drainage. It was designated a recreational area and the view taken by the council was that they should object to any move to change that designation especially as the main play area was a distance away. This was agreed.


  1. Walkmill. The chairman said that a sub-committee had been held 6th April 2021 when a recommendation that council agree to meet Gough and Co’s reasonable cost in respect of the asset transfer had been made. The clerk said that the figure given was in the region of £700. The council agreed to meet the costs and the clerk said he would report back when a final figure was known. He said that he had spoken to the contractor who had undertaken the initial work for the county council and he said the contract had been completed although he had expressed a view that a short path be laid from the main path to the pond footpath It was agreed to ask the county council officer to arrange a date to walk round and look at some improvement works with a view to submitting a grant application. The chair said that the papers received from Gough and Co did not include a plan and this needed to be obtained. It was noted that the handrail on the steps from Moresby Parks Road to the footpath was defective.
  2. Local Government Reorganisation Consultation The chair said he had considered all the submissions and had dialled in to the presentations given by each principal authority arranged by Calc. He proposed that the submission by the existing county council for one single unitary authority should be supported. He said that it was the only one where savings to the taxpayer would accrue whilst each of the other three would result in extra costs and ultimately higher council tax bills. The proposal was agreed to and the clerk said he would arrange for the chairman’s written note to be the basis of the response.
  3. Consultation on the ability to hold virtual meetings The clerk said that the present legislation where virtual meetings were permitted and in person meetings were not allowed ended on the 7th May 2021. He said that the Government were now consulting on whether further legislation should be brought forward to allow virtual or hybrid meetings in addition to in person meetings. It was considered that in person meetings were superior but the ability perhaps in times of poor weather or when one or more councillor was housebound could be helpful and it was agreed that a response indicating support for the ability to hold virtual meetings should be submitted. It was agreed to hold the annual parish council meeting on Tuesday the 4th May 2021 before the legislation expired.

11 Allotments The chairman reported that he had been present when the allotment latterly held by Mr Hadfield had been handed over to Mr and Mrs Pittock. The clerk said he had sent a tenancy agreement to be signed.

The clerk asked for details from Mrs Coward in order that he could arrange for the tenancy agreement for one of Mr Benn’s old allotments and the one to the rear could be completed.

It was agreed to offer the allotment and the garage together latterly held by Mr Benn to the earliest name on the waiting list. The clerk said that he had not heard from the solicitor acting for the estate of Mr Benn.

The clerk said he had contacted one of the tenants who took over Mr George Bryden old allotment but had no reply. Mr Lawson said he would check the allotments to see whether work was being undertaken.

The clerk said that the allotment behind the electricity sub-station was clearly not being used although a resident had said he would start. The clerk said he had attempted to make contact without success and the council would need to consider whether to pay for it to be brought back into reasonable shape.

12) Play area and fencing. The new bin had been sited and the clerk said he had the key. He said he hadn’t done a litter pick but would try to get up in the week. He said he would meet a Copeland B C officer to discuss a play area unit’s inspection regime. It was agreed to ask Mike Dowling to undertake work on the fences. It was noted that his estimate was less than the other tender received. The question of litter bins generally was discussed and the clerk said it should be a substantive item on the next agenda

13) Motor Mower The clerk said that Mr Lawson had contacted him to say that he would not continue to use the motor mower and after a number of years would retire. The chairman thanked Alan on behalf of the council for the work he had undertaken which had ensured that verges and grassed areas had been kept in a really good state. The clerk said that it may be necessary to look to a commercial tender but Mr Casson said he would speak to residents to see whether he could find a volunteer to use the parish council mower.


  1. Correspondence
  2. a) The Royal British Legion Industries had sent a product brochure


  1. Cheques for Payment

101476            J C Shaw                                  Salary March 2021                 £200.00

101477            J C Shaw                                  Expenses                                 £38.91

101478            Marsh Commercial                 (Motor Mower Insurance)      £247.30

101479            Copeland B C                          Play Area Bin                          £335.20

101480            Inland Revenue                       (Tax)                                        £150.00

101481            Works 4 You                            Allotment                                £1020.00

101481            Works 4 You                            Strim bushes                           £144.00

101482            CALC                                        Subscription                            £308.22

  1. Parish Councillors Matters
  2. a) Mr Lawson said that the golf club owners had cut back vegetation beside Moresby Parks Road
  3. b) Mr Parke asked if a litter pick could be arranged given the state of Moresby Parks village. He asked if the borough council could provide information about the road sweeper schedule.
  4. c) Mrs Ogilvie said that the drainage problem in Howgate continued and whilst the county council officer had commented she would speak again to Cllr Barbour.
  5. d) Mr Casson asked whether action by the borough council had been completed at 136 Moresby Parks
  6. e) Mrs Connery expressed concern at the broadband speeds in and around Solway road and that part of the village. The clerk said that he would contact the county council officer who dealt with broad band issues.


The meeting closed at 8.15 pm



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