August 2020

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Meeting Agenda

Moresby Parish Council


To Parish Councillors, the Ward Councillor and the County Councillor


Dear Councillor


The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 3rd August 2020 at 7.00 pm. This will be a Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform




  1. Attendance


  1. Apologies and Announcements


  1. Approval and signing of the minutes of the July 2020 meeting


  1. Declaration of Interests


5a) Ward /County Councillor (issues to mention)

(b) Public participation


  1. Police Issues


  1. Walkmill Sub-committee report


  1. Newsletter


9) Clerks Report

  1. a) Allotments
  2. b) Play Area
  3. c) Drainage


  1. Planning Matters

Applications                a) Mountain View Scilly Bank Extension at Rear

  1. b) 109 Moresby Parks Extension
  2. c) The Mount phase 4 8 Dwellings


  1. Correspondence (to note)


  1. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts (note to follow)


13 Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)




J C Shaw Parish Clerk 26th July 2020
















Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 3rd August 2020

Note: The meeting was held remotely on the Zoom platform.


Members of the public were advised and able to join the meeting.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton Cllrs Boyes, Casson, Connery, Coward, Dixon, Lawson, Ogilvie, B Parke, L Parke-Parr, County Cllr Barbour and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements There were apologies from Cllr Horricks and Ward Cllr Minshaw


3 Minutes of the July 2020 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


5(a).  Ward and County Councillors. Ward Councillor Minshaw had sent a report.


Copeland B C meetings.

All meetings remain virtual ones.


Local Development Plan

This is now close to being finalised with expected consideration at the next full council meeting on 8th September.(Mrs Boyes asked whether new legislation on planning would affect this plan)


Whitehaven Market

CBC is asking for your views on the market- prior to it reopening, this is an online survey at :-


Waste collections.

I am still receiving reports of late or delayed collections of household waste or recycling. This is largely due to reduced staffing of vehicles due to work/distance restrictions due to Covid-19. Please report any occurrences to CBC (there is a link on their website) or to myself and I will inform them. Additionally there is as yet no plans to increase the green garden waste collections back to fortnightly pick up.


Walkmill woodland matters.

Ash dieback? I have been informed of a potential/suspected occurrence this weekend of this in the woodland. I will be report this with photographs asap to CBC environmental health for advice.(CBC are investigating)

Suspect pollution (from last meeting) This has been identified as Iron Ochre contamination, an organic residue that discolours the ground and leaves an oily looking surface to water. It is a frequent occurrence in ex-mining areas and poses no hazards.



Many areas have weeds growing over pavement edges, drains and alongside roads. These have not been treated for a long time probably due to Covid limitations and/or cost cutting as a result of budget cuts to our councils.

I intend to organise a Saturday weeding/litter picking event for Saturday morning 15th August. The initial area will concentrate on the road alongside Moresby School. Please come along with trowels, shovels, yard brushes etc..  Start time to be confirmed.


County Councillor Barbour said that the county council had held a virtual local committee meeting and again it had been emphasised that the epidemic was far from over and the guidance on social distancing and face mask wearing must be adhered to at all times otherwise the possibility of a spike would increase


5b Public Participation No members of the public joined the meeting.



  1. Police Issues The clerk said he had contacted the PCSO about the partially dismantled car across the footway in Moresby Parks and not having received a response would make further contact


  1. Walkmill Sub Committee The clerk said that the sub group had held a virtual meeting on the 22nd July 2020. It was noted that the cabinet of the county council were to meet in late September 2020 when it was expected that the Asset Transfer would be approved. The chairman reported on a meeting he and the clerk held with the contractor to look at the path from Emmaus House to the old railway line footpath. A quote of £1800.00 had been given which would include trimming back overhanging vegetation, scraping off vegetation and excess material from each side of the existing path to a width of 1.5 metres, supplying and laying crushed limestone 5mm to dust, minimum 50mm in depth on the prepared surface approximately 57 linear metres and making good the path edge up to the new surface. The contractor had said that running water down the path will have to be dealt with prior to these works as the amount of fast running water will ultimately damage the new path surface. The county councillor said he would raise this issue with the area engineer The clerk said he would ask David Bechelli to consider the matter as it was thought the water may be running off Copeland owned land. It was noted that the contractor had said there was still some work outstanding on the Walkmill site from the contract with the county council. It was agreed that the subcommittee would meet on a regular basis once the transfer had been progressed.


  1. Newsletter The clerk said he had received a note from the head teacher which he would incorporate into a newsletter but the priest in charge at St Bridget’s had not responded. The clerk said he thought he had sufficient material to put together a newsletter hopefully for the next month.


9 Clerk’s Report

  1. a) Allotments The clerk said he had looked at the two plots and the garage formerly tenanted by Mr Benn and thought to move the contents to a safe place to burn was not realistic and he would obtain estimates for a skip. He said that he needed to contact a resident who agreed to work on the first plot beside the sub-station. Nothing seemed to have been done.


  1. b) Play Area The clerk said that the main ROSPA inspection was due in August and the council would then need to consider what arrangements to put in place for regular inspections and litter picking. It was agreed that a new litter bin should be ordered from the district council. It was noted that the grass on the playing area had now been cut.
  2. c) Drainage The clerk said that earlier messages had set out the position. The Copeland officer continued to monitor the situation at Rowntree path and he was waiting for a report from the county council concerning the bridge on the Old Pit Lane although he thought that clearing the debris had alleviated the position.
  3. d) Footway Lights It was agreed that the clerk should respond to the district council questionnaire highlighting the position on Moresby Pars Road outside the Commercial Park where both highway and footway lights were in place.


10 Planning Applications The clerk said the planning applications were set out in the agenda and were on the borough council website. There were no objections to any of the three listed.


  1. Correspondence None


  1. Cheques to be approved for payment

101440  J C Shaw                                                               Salary July                                           £200.00

101441  J C Shaw                                                               Expenses                                             £77.79

101442  Mike Dowling                                                     Grass Cutting                                     £108.00

101443  Alan Lawson                                                       Motor Mower labour                      £250.00

101444 MPPFA                                                                 Donation                                             £20.00


  1. Parish Councillors Matters
  2. a) Mr Parke said that a litter picking morning had been arranged for August in past years but he would now speak to the ward councillor who was planning some activity for the 15th August 2020.
  3. b) Mrs Coward said it had been reported that the Leylandia tree behind 12 Eden Drive was causing issues. The clerk said that there was legislation in this area and the complainant should contact the district council.
  4. c) Mrs Coward said that complaints had been received concerning horse riding on the Walkmill site
  5. d) Gillian Connery said she had provided the clerk with information from which the ownership of the Old Pit Lane could be obtained.
  6. e) Mr Lawson asked for further information concerning the land between the rear of Solway Road and the Old Pit Lane. Mr Parke said he had correspondence which would help.
  7. f) Mr Troughton referred to a complaint that had been received concerning an overhanging branch from a tree in School Brow. The ownership of the land was in question and the county councillor said he would enter details on the HIMS system.


Mr Lawson left the meeting at this point and a discussion was held on how to remunerate him for the work he undertook on the motor Mower. A figure was agreed (see item 12)


The meeting closed at 8.35 and it was noted that the next meeting would be held on the 7th September 2020 and would be a remote meeting on the Zoom platform.






Chairman……………………………. Date………………………….