February 2019

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council.

Held on 4th February 2019



  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyles, Coward, Dixon, Horricks, Ogilvie, Parke, Ward/County Cllr Barbour, and the clerk


2 Announcements and Apologies: There were apologies from Cllrs Lawson, McGuirk and L Parke. 15 members of the public were present.


3 Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the January meeting were agreed subject to insertion of the word” not” in the third line of item 8 Howgate Bus Shelter


  1. Declaration of Interests. It was agreed that declaration of interests would be made if issues on the agenda arose


  1. Public Participation
  2. a) Members of the Public The issue of Walkmill Country Park was raised and the chair asked that the county councillor explain the current position. County councillor Barbour distributed a map which had been produced by the county council setting out the paths which would be created and other rights of way. Cllr Barbour said that all the paths shown on the map would become public footpaths in perpetuity and would fall under the remit of the county council rights of way team. In effect they would become part of the highways network but work to bring them up to adoptable standards would be required and the county council would be looking to the parish council for a contribution. He said that the marketing process would be delayed to allow the development control and regulatory approvals to be obtained and designations finalised. He said that matter was listed to be heard by the development panel on the 22nd February 2019. Meanwhile the county council’s agent had been instructed to hold the sale process and notify interested parties. He said that a new closing date for offers would be set in due course. A resident said that whilst the county council had met two of the public’s requirement they should go further and insert a prevention of development clause into the agreement and that it may be appropriate to deem the land an asset of community value. The clerk said that when the parish council had offered to provide financial assistance to improve paths in the country park the estimate obtained also covered a small stretch of footpath outside the boundary of the park and the parish council would now need to discuss this matter further. Residents raised the issue of an asset transfer but there were conflicting views. The clerk was asked to provide details of the payments made by the parish council towards the maintenance of the park over the last five years. The chairman said that the council would discuss the matter further later in the meeting. A resident asked whether any action had been taken concerning the damaged pavements in Eden Drive and Churchill Drive County Cllr Barbour agreed to make further enquiries and to seek an update as to when the additional speed bumps along Moresby Parks Road would be installed. A resident asked if information could be obtained about recent visits by the safety camera.
  3. b) Ward and County Councillors Cllr Barbour said that he had no issues to raise as the ward councillor but in his capacity as a county councillor he had attended a meeting with the local Member of Parliament and Highways England to discuss the Moresby Embankment and the proposed Whitehaven Relief Road. He said that the M P was anxious that momentum was not lost and that the safety issues surrounding the Moresby Embankment were paramount. Cllr Barbour was asked for the current information on a proposed traffic order relation to a weight restriction on Gallows Lonning. He said that the TRO was to go ahead. In relation to drainage issues he said that the county council were working with United Utilities and more exploratory work was to be undertaken but more funding was required He said that British Gas would not allow pipe fracturing which may impede the work.


6 Walkmill Country Park The chairman said that having had the benefit of listening to the residents and the county council the parish council now needed to take a number of decisions. It was agreed that the previous offer of financial support be confirmed and that the clerk should seek to include the short stretch of footpath beyond Emmaus House but it was accepted that this might mean additional cost. It was agreed that the clerk should make enquiries as to whether this path which it was believed was in the ownership of the district council could be dedicated through useage a right of way. It was agreed that at this stage the parish council could not support a demand for a prevention of development clause but would listen to what response the county councillor obtained in his discussions with officers


  1. Police Report There was a report for December 2018. There had been 15 logs and the incidents of note were a road traffic collision on Moresby Parks Road, a damaged roof box lid on the A595 dual carriageway and two incidents where through an excess of alcohol problems on licensed premises had occurred.


8 Planning Matters

  1. a) School Brow Development The clerk said that he had spoken to the senior planning officer at the district council who said he believed the S106 agreement was close to being signed and the decision letter would then be issued.
  2. b) Land adjacent to woodland Low Moresby. The application for a single dwelling had been refused by the planning panel and notification had been given to the parish council that an appeal had been lodged
  3. c) Construction of new dwelling further to an earlier planning consent Low Moresby. The clerk said that this application was to amend a previous successful application but that the planning history was complex and the present application related to a decision taken in 1998. It was agreed that the clerk should seek clarification but in principle to council sought to object on the grounds that it represented an inappropriate form of development in open countryside outside the boundaries set out in the Copeland Local Plan


  1. Howgate Bus Shelter It was noted that the shelter was now in place and being used.



10 Clerk’s Report

  1. a) Play area sign. It was noted that the sign had now been erected
  2. b) Age UK. The clerk said that Mrs Diane Taylor from Age UK would like to speak at either the March or April meeting. It was agreed that the clerk would make the necessary arrangements.
  3. c) Fingerposts The clerk said the county council were seeking information about traditional direction signs. These related mainly to signs in the former county of Cumberland and none were thought to still be in place in the parish.
  4. d) Waste Bin. The Back Lanes The clerk asked whether the bin was in place He said he would check.


  1. e) Broadband The chairman said at the request of the clerk he had made enquiries and was able to say that a Facebook post in the following terms would be appropriate:

“There is a new cabinet on the corner of Moresby Parks road and School Brow, which has the capacity to upgrade broadband speeds the length of Moresby Parks Road, Solway Road, Dent Road, Whinrigg Drive, Churchill and Eden Drives etc. We don’t know when it will be in service, but we anticipate as soon as it is, the various ISPs will be contacting customers with upgrade offers”

  1. f) Parks and Open Space Grounds Maintenance. The district council tender for cutting the play area land and treating the Japanese Knotweed had been received and was acceptable to the council



  1. Correspondence
  2. a) Product information had been received from Glasdon.


12 Cheques to be approved for payment

101356                        J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £21.65

101357                        First Image Signs                     (Play Area sign)                       £420.00

101358                        J C Shaw                                  (Salary January)                      £200.00

101359                        J and R Bennett                       (Tree and Beds)                       £184.80

101360                        Autocross Euroshell                (Bus Shelter)                           £7278.00


  1. Parish Councillors Matters:
  2. a) Mrs Coward said that concern was still being expressed about the loss of the street light to which she had referred at previous meetings.
  3. b) Mrs Coward asked that a notice advising that the end of Dent Road was a turning circle and should not be used for parking be erected.
  4. c) Mrs Boyes said she understood that a gate on the Bridleway from Howgate to Lowca had been locked. The county councillor said that was not the case and the bridleway over Lowca Beck was open and unimpeded.
  5. d) Mr Parke said that the road outside Emmaus House was in a shocking state It was thought that it may not be adopted but enquiries would be made.
  6. e) Mr Parke said that pot holes at the junction of Parkfield Road and Moresby Parks Road were in need of repair. The county councillor said he would enter the matter on the HIMS web page


The meeting closed at 8.35pm.


The next meeting was fixed for the 4th March 2019


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