February 2022

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

                                        Moresby Parish Council

held on the 7th February 2022 at 7.00 pm.

At Moresby Parks RU Clubhouse


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Lawson, Ogilvie, Parke, Ward Cllr Minshaw and the Clerk. Four members of the public were present


2 Apologies and Announcements

Apologies were received from Cllrs Casson and Connery


Neil Horricks had submitted his resignation. The clerk said he would contact the elections officer at the district council to begin the process to fill the vacancy


3 Minutes of the December 2021 meeting

They were accepted as a true record.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Co-option of Councillors

The clerk said that there had been two applications to fill the two vacancies on the parish council. They are Kyle Thornley and Mary Irene Parker. The parish council agreed without dissent to co-opt both to the council and they signed the declaration of acceptance of office


6a. Ward and County Councillors

There was no report from the county councillor

The ward councillor reported as follows

  1. a) The council offices at the Market Hall were now open to the public following an easing of Covid 19 restrictions
  2. b) The local plan consultation period had been extended until the 18th March 2022
  3. c) The second walking and cycling consultation was now open until the 25th February 2022. The link is Cycling and walking in Cumbria | Cumbria County Council
  4. d) A new footpath bridge had been put in place on the old railway footpath
  5. e) He said he had earlier reported a number of highways issues but no action appeared to have been taken. These were street lights outside the Commercial Park, problems with the surface on Gallows Lonning, potholes at the foot of Rectory Brow, bollard replacements required, and the fence on the road to Tivoli.
  6. f) He said that there was no progress on the School Brow planning applications
  7. g) He referred to the Structural Change Order (See item 10)


6b. Public participation

  1. a) A resident suggested that the play area section of the playing field needed to be surrounded by a barrier to prevent dogs from fouling the area. It was noted that notices already in place indicated there was a ban on dogs in the field. It was agreed that the district council be approached about by laws and whether they applied to this area and an item should be included in the next newsletter. In the meanwhile, a Facebook item would be posted. A resident said that the surface within the play area would benefit with further wood chips or a rubberized surface.
  2. b) Two residents raised the problem of trespassers on their land adjacent to the Walkmill Country Park. They were particularly concerned about damaged fences and the loss of sheep due to uncontrolled dogs. It was noted that a Walkmill committee meeting was to be arranged before the next parish council meeting when these issues would be discussed

7 Police Issues

The clerk said he had continued to circulate the police newsletter. He said he had written to the PCSO about parking across from the terraced houses on Moresby Parks Road. It was noted that the problem seemed to limited to a couple of cars at the weekend.


8 Planning applications.

 The clerk said that the district council did not now issue hard copies of planning applications and did not issue notices of the outcome of the applications. All information was available on the Copeland borough council website.

  1. a) 13 Eden Drive Erection of detached garage No objection
  2. b) Retrospective application Erection of workshop Commercial Park No objection
  3. c) Lamb hill Quarry application to continue Mineral working No objection.


The clerk said that there had been no applications since the last meeting and the note concerning the School Brow development minuted in the November 2021 meeting still applied


  1. Walkmill subcommittee

The chair said that the subcommittee had not met since the last meeting but he and Cllr Parke had signed the draft lease which had been returned to the solicitor. He said that the searches ha brought up some issues which were being pursued by the solicitor It was noted that work was being undertaken and some areas had been cleared and a bench had been installed It was agreed that the issues brought to the attention of the council during public participation would be included on the agenda


10 Clerks Report

  1. a) Hobans bus. The county council have advised that it will be the 11th April 2022 before Hobans will be able to start the service to Whitehaven
  2. b) Local Government Reorganization The clerk said that the structural change order had been laid before parliament and unless objected to by members would be confirmed within 6 weeks. The order stated that the new authority be named Cumberland and would cover those areas of Cumbria (the county name remains the same) in the present district council areas of Copeland Allerdale and Carlisle.

There would be an election in May 2022 for a shadow authority and the present district councils and the county council would be wound up on the 31st March 2023. The wards for the new authority would be coterminous with the present county council divisions and in our case Howgate so there would be no separate ward for Distington Lowca and Parton and the whole area would be represented by one councilor.

  1. c) Moresby School. At the December 2021 Mr Peacock invited councilors to visit the school to look at the improvements and meet the school council. It was agreed to take up the offer and the clerk would make arrangements.
  2. d) Fly Tipping The clerk said there had been fly tipping on the council’s land outside the allotment plots. He had reported the matter to the district council open spaces officer and he would follow up the problem given that it appears the rubbish had not been removed.
  3. e) MPPFA bank account. The clerk said he had attempted to transfer the balance of the account to the parish council bank account but because he was not a signature to either account HSBC would not deal with him. Mrs. Coward agreed to contact HSBC.


11 Correspondence

  1. a) Cumbria community foundation had written thanking the council for the donation
  2. b) Glasdon has sent their latest product information
  3. c) The paper copy of the Local Plan had been received. The clerk said he would respond on two points.

The land beside Walkmill bungalows as now shown as a green space rather than a potential building site and the need to ensure that Walkmill woods was properly described. The chair said he would consider the plan and make any comments he thought appropriate.



  1. Cheques to be approved for payment

101524            J and R Bennett                       Christmas Tree                        £120.00

101523                  J C Shaw                                               Salary and Expenses                       £432.04


  1. Parish Councillors matters
  2. a) Mr Lawson asked whether any highways work was planned for the pavements in Moresby Parks
  3. b) Mr Parke asked that a tree on Moresby Parks Road opposite number 23 be reported as it had fallen into private land.
  4. b) Mr Parke said that the public bench beside the defibrillator box had been damaged.
  5. c) Mr Parke asked that litter picking gear was requested from the district council.
  6. d) Mr Parke asked that an item be placed on the next agenda to finalise the grass cutting arrangements.
  7. e) Mrs Ogilvie asked that an item be placed in the next newsletter repeating information about the Copeland Age and Advice Service (CAAS)
  8. f) Mrs Coward said that work had been undertaken on the “Soldiers” at each end of Moresby Parks.
  9. g) Mrs Coward referred to the work that had not been completed at the end house beside the notice board in the Square. Mr Minshaw agreed to respond to the issue.
  10. h) Mr Thornley explained the work he was undertaking on his allotment plot and why.
  11. i) Mr Thornley raised the problem of parking on Moresby Parks Road and in the Back Lanes which resulted in the bin men having problems when collecting domestic waste.
  12. j) The chair asked whether the rugby club had agreed to hang the war memorial plaque Mr Lawson and Mrs Coward agreed to speak to officers at the club.
  13. k) The chair asked whether the parish council should make arrangements to celebrate the Jubilee. It was agreed to contact the head teacher at the village school to enquire whether the school had anything planned.


The meeting closed at 8.25