January 2019

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Meeting Agenda

The agenda has not been posted

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 7th January 2019


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Lawson, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Horricks, McGuirk, Ogilvie, B Parke, N Troughton, County/Ward Cllr Barbour and the Clerk.


  1. Apologies were received from Cllr Parke-Parr.19 members of the public were present.


3 Minutes of the December 2018 meeting. These were agreed subject to Section 5b with the sentence beginning “The proposal” now reading “The proposal now was that the land is designated open access which would give formal right of way to use the present permissive paths”


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.



  1. Public participation. There was a further discussion concerning the county councils plans to offer the Walkmill country park for sale. The clerk said that at the last meeting the parish council had asked that he undertake some investigations. He said that he had looked at the minute book for the period in question and at a file dedicated to the matter. He said that a letter in 1986 to a Moresby Parks resident from the county council said that within the plans for open cast extraction was a reclamation scheme to remove the Walkmill colliery spoil heap to restore open space and for the provision of an amenity woodland. It said that” It would be the intention to create more public access than at present with footpath provision and a car park near Walkmill Bridge” He said that at a liaison meeting held in December 1993 it was noted that it was now appropriate to make the right of way and complete the access point. The clerk said that in the papers he had seen there was no mention to suggest that the Coal Board or the county council were proposing to gift the land to the community A resident said he had obtained a copy of an agreement between the National Coal Corporation and the county council dated February 23rd 1996 together with other papers indicating that there would be a number of permissive paths through the Keekle valley. He said that a subsequent sale negated that promise and he was concerned that similar issues would arise if a sale in the terms outlined at present were to go ahead at the Walkmill site. He said he had sent copies to Cllr Barbour who in turn had passed the documents to the county council legal department. He said that the document covered the land at Walkmill and the Keekle reclamation site, some 700 acres in all. It was noted that the county council had agreed to delay the sale until the 14th March 2019 but it was said there was still insufficient time for a proper challenge to be mounted and in any event a period of 6 months was required under the PROW legislation for dedication of the land to be put in place or an appeal to be served. It was noted that the Coal Authority had ongoing responsibility for all mine shafts which would relieve any purchaser or a properly constituted body who agreed an asset transfer with the county council of public liability in this specific point. Concern was expressed that without proper maintenance the boardwalks would rot away and the paths be overgrown. A question was raised about the Old Pit Lane and whether that unadopted road was within the land being offered for sale. Cllr Barbour said he was discussing the issue with officers at County hall and would keep the residents informed of all the issues that were being raised.


  1. Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour had contributed to the earlier discussion and then mentioned other issues. He said that more detailed work was being undertaken in connection with the flooding problems at Station House and on Churchill Drive and he was hopeful that the county council officers would have a better idea of what was needed to be done before the next parish council meeting.


  1. Walkmill Country Park The council considered the next step following the public participation item and agreed to support any action group which if properly constituted might enter into an asset transfer with the county council both by assisting the setting up of such a group and with financial assistance.


6a Police report. The clerk said that he had not received a report from the PCSO but the Police website indicated that for October 9 incidents had been logged in Moresby Parks, Low Moresby and Rosehill of which 4 had been described as assault with the others criminal damage public order or anti social behaviour. In November three incidents were logged two of which were described as arson.


  1. Planning Applications None. The clerk said that he had received a note concerning the proposed School Brow development. The planning officer had said “There is still no movement on the details of the S106 agreement. We cannot issue a decision on the planning application until this agreement is signed. I will let you know when there is any change.” The clerk was asked to enquire whether this state of limbo was time limited.


8 Howgate Bus shelter. The clerk said that the shelter was being erected on the 7th and 8th January 2019. Mrs Ogilvie said it was partially completed and she saw no reason why it would be in its finished state by the end of the second day.


10 Clerks report

  1. a) Christmas tree It was agreed that the switching on went well although it was wet night. It was agreed that the vicar would be approached asking that in December 2019 the switch on be at the beginning of the month.
  2. b) Eastern Relief Road Consultation The clerk said that a submission had been sent incorporating two changes proposed by councillors.
  3. c) Play Area Sign The clerk said he had not checked whether any further work had been done but would look and if not remind the contractor.
  4. Correspondence
  5. i) Copeland Borough council had written concerning election costs and had estimated that a fought parish council election would result in a fee of £1600. An uncontested election fee would be £80



10 Cheques for Payment

101349            Copeland B C                           (Bins)                                       £27.97

101350            J C Shaw                                  (Salary December)                  £200.00

101351            Works 4 You                            (Landscape Work)                   £34.08

101352            St Bridgets PCC                       (Christmas tree)                      £99.99

101353            J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £52.33

101354            Moresby Rugby Club               (Subscription)                          £51.00

101355            Moresby PFA                           (Donation)                               £20.00


  1. Parish Councillors Items
  2. a) Mrs Ogilvie said that she had not been able to obtain a lamp number for the street light which was not working on Manesty Rise but it was between 45 and 47. Cllr Barbour said that was in the unadopted area and it was for the residents to acts.
  3. b) Mrs Ogilvie said she had been told that Gordon Thompson who had been a parish councillor for many years had recently died.
  4. c) Mrs Coward said she was disappointed to learn that the Home Group would take no action on the lamp at Dent Road referred to in the last minutes.
  5. d) Mrs McGuirk said she had been advised that the issue concerning food waste on the Back Lanes had been resolved.
  6. e) Mr Parke said that a street light directly opposite Kestrel Grove had been partially erected but remained unconnected to the electricity supply. Cllr Barbour said he would make enquiries.
  7. f) Mr Horricks said that a BWM appeared to have been abandoned on the spare land opposite 99/100 Moresby Parks Cllr Barbour said he would deal with the matter.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm. The next meeting to take place on the 5th February 2019


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