January 2020

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Meeting Agenda

Moresby Parish Council


To Parish Councillors and the Ward /County Councillor


Dear Councillor


The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 6th January 2020

at 7.00 pm at The Rugby Club Moresby Parks




  1. Attendance


  1. Apologies and Announcements


3 To agree the minutes of the December 2019 meeting


4 Declaration of interests


5 (a) Ward /County Councillors (issues to mention)

(b) Public participation



6 Police report


  1. Planning Matters

None to date



  1. Clerks Items
  2. a) Walkmill Country Park
  3. b) Copeland Local Plan


  1. Correspondence (to note)


  1. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts


11 Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)




J C Shaw Parish Clerk 26th December 2019



















Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 6th January 2020 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Casson, Connery, Coward, Dixon, Lawson, B Parke, L Parke-Parr and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements There were apologies from Cllrs Ogilvie and Horricks and from County Cllr Barbour and Ward Cllr Minshaw One member of the public was present.


3 Minutes of the December 2019 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Public participation A member of the public asked about vacant allotment plots and the clerk agreed to make further enquiries.


5b. Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour had given his apologies. Ward Cllr Minshaw had provided a note with his apologies. In it he said “I have looked into the issue of the land by the rugby club as discussed last meeting. This does not appear to be on the list of land assets of CBC I inspected however I will continue to confirm if this is the case.

There has been an issue with bin and recycling collection in Moresby Parks recently. This has been (again) due to access problems in the back lanes or issues of vehicle availability. On both occasions the delay was corrected soon after being reported. Any future delays can be reported to myself or direct to CBC.

One item technically outside the parish but worth noting is that planning consent for a rebuild of Whitehaven school was approved at the last planning meeting. I am sure we all will welcome this long overdue development.


  1. Police matters. The clerk said that he had circulated the December 2019 police report and would circulate the January 2020 report when it was received.


  1. Clerks Report
  2. a) Walkmill Country Park. The clerk said he had signed the business plan and the county council would now consider the asset transfer request.
  3. b) Laptop The clerk said that the office equipment which included the Lap top were all on the council’s asset register. The lap top was purchased in 2014 jointly with Parton parish council. The chairman of Parton parish council has said he was happy to recommend to that council that Moresby parish council retain the item but that they would be entitled to some recompense. He said that the alternative is that the item is sold and the proceeds of the sale divided 50/50. The clerk explained the position at Parton and it was agreed to make an offer without prejudice of £30.00 to cover all the office equipment.
  4. c) Copeland Local Plan The clerk said that this topic was on the agenda for a meeting of all the Copeland parishes later in the week when more information would be available
  5. d) Footway Lighting The clerk said a letter had been received from Copeland Borough Council indicating that they wished to enter into negotiations to transfer the cost of footway lighting to the parish. The cost would be in the region of £3k each year. It was agreed to ask for a map showing where the affected lights were located before considering the matter further.
  6. e) Bank Mandate The clerk thanked councillors for attending at HSBC and completing what was thought to be the required forms. The bank had now indicated that they had provided an old form and until the chair and the vice chair, the two new signatures had re-signed the mandate would be as before.


9 Correspondence

A letter had been received from a member of the Moresby W I asking that the next newsletter includes an item about the Voluntary Social Car Scheme which is available in the area. It was agreed to post an item on the parish council Facebook page and put the item in the newsletter.


  1. Cheques for Payment

101420            J C Shaw                      (Net salary December 2019)               £200.00

101421            Copeland B C               (Footway Lighting)                              £1291.20

101422            Copeland B C               (Bin Collection and new bin)               £164.77

101422            Copeland B C               (Grass Cutting)                                    £205.93

101423            J C Shaw                      (Expenses)                                           £37.43

101424            Lloyd Ltd                      (Motor Mower Service and Parts)      £464.99


11 Parish Councillors Matters

  1. a) Mr Parke referred to the flooding outside the garage on Moresby Parks Road. The chairman said he had reported the matter on HIMS and the response had indicated that more work was necessary.
  2. b) Mrs Parke said that there had been an issue with the defibrillator when problems had arisen over the code to be used. She said that the operator had provided information for the defibrillator at the Commercial park. The chairman said he would report the matter to the Heartbeat Trust.
  3. c) Mrs Connery said that the Prospect charity at Sellafield were offering grants and that a request in connection with the 150th anniversary of settlement at Moresby Parks should be made.
  4. d) Mr. Casson referred back to the matter of the ownership of the Old Pit Lane which Ward Cllr Minshaw had raised in his report. He said that he and Gillian had made enquiries with the planning officer but were still waiting for an authorative reply. The clerk said he would make enquiries. The chair asked that costings be obtained. Mr Casson said he would deal with this issue

The meeting closed at 7.55 pm



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