July 2019

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Meeting Agenda

The agenda is not published

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 1st July 2019 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Horricks, Lawson Ogilvie, B Parke, Ward Cllr Minshaw, County Cllr Barbour and the Clerk.

Four members of the public were present.


2 Apologies and Announcements None


3 Minutes of the June 2019 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Public participation A resident expressed concern about the use of the turning area at the end of Churchill Drive by parents waiting for their children when school ended. He said there were often six cars parked which in a recent case meant that a builder’s merchant’s wagon had to reverse which in itself could have caused an accident. He said that a sign “turning circle No Parking “should be put in place. County Cllr Barbour said that whilst he would log the issue there was no traffic regulation in place and parents were responsible for the safety of their children. The clerk said he would raise the matter with the head teacher.


5b. Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour said that verge cutting was now underway with a start on the 40 mph roads. He said that the community health organisation would be at Distington vintage car rally with a stand. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he had spoken to the district council about the damaged fence at Dent Road. The fly tipping at the Walkmill car park had been cleared. He said that concern had been expressed about late bin collections around Kestrel Grove. He said that the council accepted that the round of 1100 properties was too large and efforts were being made to reduce the round to 800 which would manageable and should end the problem. He asked that the link to the Open Spaces consultation be circulated.



  1. Police matters The clerk said that the report was an improvement and contained more information. He said there were five logs. Two were traffic matters, one was classed as an assault, and one was concern for welfare and a suspicious behaviour log. The PCSO said that the term concern for welfare covers various reports such as an individual suffering mental health, hasn’t been seen by neighbours for a few days, an ambulance being called in unusual circumstances He said all these are of a sensitive nature and details would not be disclosed.


  1. Walkmill Sub-committee report The chairman reported on the last sub-committee meeting where the expression of interest had been expanded and was now ready to be signed off He said he had spoken to the Distington surgery about their Green Gym initiative. He said that NHS England were funding two posts in Copeland to work with local groups to promote healthy living and the business case would include mention this programme. He said the sub-committee would meet after the council meeting.


8 Newsletter The newsletters were handed out for distribution


  1. Clerks Report
  2. a) Moresby Parks Notice Board The clerk said that the notice board was in need of repair. Mrs Coward said she would speak to the body repair firm on the Commercial Park who may be able to fix it.
  3. b) Grass Cutting Complaint The clerk said that the chairman had agreed the draft letter he had composed and it had been sent to the resident.
  4. c) Play Area The clerk said that the maintenance worker had reported that the zip wire needed attention and he had contacted the district council.
  5. d) Paths: Solway Road to Old Pit Lane and Moresby Parks Road to Round close. The clerk said he had arranged for the district council open spaces team to undertake the work.
  6. e) Skip for the school The clerk said that the head teacher had advised that a gardening day was being held on the 28th June 2019 and a skip was ordered. The clerk said that he still held a cheque from October 2018 and would now have it re-dated and completed and pass to the school.




  1. Planning Matters. None.


  1. Correspondence


  1. a) A letter had been received from a resident concerned about a) the state of the footpath at top of School Brow and b) the road marking outside the school. The clerk said they appeared to have been copied to the county councillor. Cllr Barbour said he would track the original messages.
  2. b) The district council are undertaking a polling station review and the clerk said he had posted the note on the notice boards. It was agreed that the present polling stations in the parish were suitable though the parish hall at Rosehill was some distance from Low Moresby.



12 Cheques for Payment

101381            Gates Tyres                             (Motor Mower)                       £72.00

101382            J C Shaw                                  (Salary)                                    £200.00

101383            Copland Citizens Advice          (Donation)                               £100.00

101384            Copland Borough Council       (Election Costs)                       £80.00

101385            Mike Dowling Contractors      (Grass Cutting)                        £144.0

101386            J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £53.74



  1. Parish Councillors Items
  2. a) Mr Parke said that the new light on Parkfields Road still had not been connected to the electricity supply.
  3. b) Mr Parke said that overgrowing vegetation from the Eyrie care home was impeding residents from Emmaus House along the footpath
  4. c) Mr Horricks referred to the unlicensed vehicles in Moresby Parks
  5. d) Mr Horricks said that there had been fly tipping on Joe McBain Avenue.
  6. e) Mrs Boyes said that there had been complements about the grass cutting at Howgate.
  7. f) Mr Lawson raised the state of the pavements in Moresby Parks. The county councillor said he would check with the officers.
  8. g) Mr Lawson asked whether the tin soldiers could be moved either closer to the planters or to St Mark’s churchyard.
  9. h) Mrs Coward said that the path from the old railway line to the road was in need of repair. The clerk said he would report the matter to the countryside officer at the county council.
  10. i) Mrs Ogilvie said she would speak to Bennet Bros about the planters


The meeting closed at 8.20pm




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