July 2020

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Meeting Agenda

Moresby Parish Council


To Parish Councillors, the Ward Councillor and the County Councillor


Dear Councillor


The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 6th July 2020 at 7.00 pm. This will be a Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform




  1. Attendance


  1. Apologies and Announcements


  1. Approval and signing of the minutes of the June 2020 meeting


  1. Declaration of Interests


5a) Ward /County Councillor (issues to mention)

(b) Public participation


  1. Police Issues


  1. Walkmill Sub-committee report


  1. Newsletter


9) Clerks Report

  1. a) Allotments
  2. b) Play Area


  1. Planning Matters

Applications None

Notice of appeal against refusal for permission single dwelling land adjacent to Tow Low in Low Moresby


  1. Correspondence (to note)


  1. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts


13 Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)




J C Shaw Parish Clerk 29th June 2020
















Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 6th July 2020

Note: The meeting was held remotely on the Zoom platform.


Members of the public were advised and able to join the meeting.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton Cllrs Casson, Connery, Coward, Horricks, Ogilvie, B Parke, Ward Cllr Minshaw, County Cllr Barbour and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements There were apologies from Cllr L Parke-Parr and Dixon


3 Minutes of the June 2020 Annual meeting of the parish council. These were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


5(a). Ward and County Councillors. Ward Councillor Minshaw said that there had been two full virtual council meetings of the district council with the main issue of a political nature. He said that the elected mayor who had been elected as an Independent had now joined the Conservatives and a decision had still to be made about the makeup of the executive. He said the council had started a “Shop Local” campaign and working with the local response groups and the county council CBC were embarking on the compilation of a vulnerable people list. It may be described as good neighbours group.  On the question of “Shop Local” Cllr Minshaw said local meant the village shop and not Whitehaven rather than Workington/Carlisle. The clerk said he had spoken to a member of Trudy Harrison’s constituency office about the sub postmaster’s court action. She said she would speak to the MP.  County Councillor Barbour said that the county council highways division were starting to get back to pre March 2020 level of work but it was slow. He said he had spoken to Highways England and thoughts were turning to repairing the Moresby embankment rather than a diversion given that the Eastern Relief road was now not likely to be going forward at least in the next five years or more. Cllr Barbour said he would make further enquiries about the Walkmill asset transfer which still needed Cabinet approval. Mark Casson raised the question of near flooding on the Old Pit Lane which it was thought was from County council land. The problem of flooding on the footpath from Rowntree to Moresby Parks Road was raised and the clerk said he would contact the floods and coastal officer for the borough council.



5b Public Participation No members of the public joined the meeting.



  1. Police Issues The clerk said that he was forwarding the two monthly newsletters. He expected the Covid newsletter would continue for some time. The Whitehaven and district newsletter was due out later in the week. Neil Horricks asked that the obstruction of the footpath by a broken car be reported. It was reported that two vehicles appeared to have been left on land behind the Back Lanes adjacent to the Allotments


  1. Walkmill Sub Committee The clerk said that the subgroup had not met since the lock down was imposed and asked whether he should try to arrange a virtual meeting This was agreed.


  1. Newsletter The clerk said that plans for a newsletter were first mooted in March 2020 but no action was taken. It was agreed that we should try to circulate a Summer newsletter. It was noted that the precautions adopted for postal mail were relevant.

9 Clerk’s Report

  1. a) Allotments A number of councillors had looked at the allotments particularly the two plus the garage tenanted by the late Mr Benn. It was thought that one way to clear some of the rubbish was to arrange a bonfire on land towards the rugby field. It was agreed that the clerk would enquire from the council whether prior permission was necessary.
  2. b) Play Area The clerk said that it was now possible to re-open the play area but appropriate signs were required. He said arrangements had been made for a RoSPA inspection. He said that the workman who had carried out a weekly inspection and cleared the litter had indicated that he would no longer undertake these duties. The clerk said he would speak to Open Spaces at the district council. Arrangements would be made for the return of the strimmer. It was noted that the playing field had only been cut in part and Janice Ogilvie said she would speak to the contractor.


10 Planning Applications The clerk said there were no new applications but the borough council had advised that an appeal was pending against a refusal to grant planning permission for a single dwelling on land adjacent to Tow Low in Low Moresby. The application was before the parish council in October 2019 when they had raised no objection.


  1. Correspondence None


  1. Cheques to be approved for payment

101436  J C Shaw                                                               Salary June                                          £200.00

101437  J C Shaw                                                               Expenses                                             £40.24

101438  CALC                                                                      Annual Subscription                        £297.72

101438  CALC                                                                      Zoom Premier subscription          £94.08

101439 Alan Lawson (Stamper)                                  Diesel                                                    £230.00



  1. Parish Councillors Matters
  2. a) Mrs Coward said she would be please to attend the Mary Jackson meeting
  3. b) Mrs Coward asked whether the county council highways were any nearer with the improvement programme for the pavements in the parish. County Cllr Barbour said that the work was still on the schedule but clearly due to the pandemic matters are being delayed.
  4. c) Mr Parke referred to the problems at the footpath between Rowntree and Moresby Parks Road (see item 5a)
  5. d) Mrs Ogilvie asked about the brown bin collection. Ward Cllr Minshaw said it had resumed but only once each month and a revised timetable had been issued
  6. e) Mrs Ogilvie asked whether any action had been taken about the traffic count on the B5306 and if the Gallows Lonning weight restriction was now in place. County Cllr Barbour said he would make enquiries.


It was agreed to hold an August meeting and that would be the 3rd August 2020 and would be a remote meeting on the Zoom platform.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm




Chairman……………………………. Date………………………….