June 2017

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 5th June 2017

Moresby Rugby Club


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Lawson, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Dixon, Kelly, McGuirk, Ogilvie, Parke, Troughton and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements: There were apologies from Cllrs Horricks and from Ward/County Cllr Barbour. Five members of the public were present.


  1. Approval of the last minutes: The minutes of the May annual meeting 2017 meeting were agreed subject to the addition of “and they were written into the plan” at the end of section 9(k)


  1. Declaration of Member’s Interests: It was agreed that a declaration would be made should an item arise on the agenda.


  1. Digital Inclusion Workshop The chairman introduced Phil Ruston a Connecting Cumbria hub co-ordinator. He said that a number of workshops had been held in Cumbria under the strap line “Connecting Cumbria” to encourage the increased use of superfast broadband. He gave details of the significant social and economic challenges in Cumbria with a low wage economy and a declining and ageing population and why better internet access created new opportunities. It was agreed to hold a workshop in Moresby Parks Rugby Union clubhouse on the 11th September 2017 and arrangements to that end would now proceed.


6 Moresby Parks Primary School The chairman introduced Ross Peacock the head teacher at Moresby Parks primary school. He said that the school numbers had now reached 122 with 20 children in the nursery. He said that the financial situation was such that a there would be an increase in staff in September 2017. He said that the new classroom was working well and a NU Gen grant of £4200 would permit an improvement to the garden. He said that the Rock Challenge project had been a success and the school had finished second in the county. Ross spoke about a residential trip the senior school had made to York and why it had not been possible to have a school photograph because of an increase in pupils school meant special arrangements would have to be made at a unacceptable cost. Ross said that there had been no recent news about the S106 planning agreement connected to the School Brow development. Ross was asked to make enquiries about the possibility of a school crossing patrol the cost of which the parish council may be able to contribute.


  1. Note of 2017 annual parish meeting and any matters arising. The clerk said that information about the traffic count at Howgate on the B5306 which had taken place in March 2017 had now been obtained. Mrs Ogilvie said she would arrange to meet the network manager for the area.


  1. Public Participation


  1. a) Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour had given his apologies Mrs Ogilvie said that she had spoken to him and he was pursuing the issue of flooding and the level of the beck around Low Moresby but she was not aware of any Moresby Parks issues that he had in hand.


  1. b) Members of the Public The question of the caravan on Moresby Parks Road was raised. A councillor said that she understood it was to be removed. The grass cutting on Moresby Parks Road was raised. The chairman said it was not to be expected that grass outside a resident’s front garden should be cut by the parish council. A resident asked for clarification concerning an item raised at the last meeting about removing grassed areas for improved parking. The councillor who mentioned the issue explained his thinking on the matter. A resident said that there had been another traffic incident at the top of School Brow as a result of the problem that he raised at the last meeting concerning sight visibility. The clerk said he had written to the highways network manager for Copeland but would write once more and couple his letter with a plea that the escape lane signs on the U4008 be removed. A resident asked if the lenghtsman would remove the brambles at the junction of School Brow and the U4006. The clerk said that the parish did not employ a lengthsman and if there was a sight line problem the county council would act.


9 Police Issues The chairman welcomed PCSO Dennis to the meeting. She said that whilst the council should continue to use www.cumbria.police.uk she accepted that the information as to incidents logged was often quite old. She said she had interrogated the logs for the parish and there had been two road traffic incidents and two issues concerning dogs roaming free. The PCSO said that vehicles obstructing the highway especially along Moresby Parks Road had been ticketed and police would continue to take appropriate action. A problem reported at Howgate concerning speeding on the bridleway had been dealt with and she said she would ask whether a risk assessment could be undertaken at the junction of School Brow and Moresby Parks Road as to whether the use of the speed gun could be safely used at that point.


10 Newsletter Mr Kelly referred to the draft that had been circulated. It was agreed that distribution should be with the same arrangements as the earlier newsletter. It was noted that the letter would be ready for circulation on the 19th June 2017


11 Clerk’s report

  1. a) Landscape work
  2. i) The clerk said he had met an officer from the county council at Walkmill a) he was content that we order and have sited a litter bin at the car park on Steel Brow b) The county council would take no action against the company on the Commercial Park who had cleared an area by tipping soil towards but not over the footpath c) He would ask for an inspection of the Boardwalk and would forward the decision to be taken on this permissive path.
  3. ii) The clerk said he had been contacted by a resident asking whether the parish would be prepared to cut a small field. The chairman said that the volunteers were already overburdened and it was agreed that the answer would be no.
  4. b) Play Area The clerk said he had been contacted by a resident who had tripped on the play area where the membrane was not covered by the wood chips He said he had arranged for action to be taken by the district council.
  5. c) Clean Up Stencils The district council had advised that all the stencils through Moresby Parks had been renewed.
  6. d) Abandoned Vehicle The district council had placed a 24 hour notice on the vehicle and it had been removed.
  7. e) Pothole School Brow The clerk said he had used the new county council highways information management system to report this matter and had received a reference number W171437895 which any person could now track.
  8. f) Planters Mrs McGuirk said that she had arranged for the work to be done.
  9. g) 1/5 Dent Road The clerk said that he had been contacted by the district council who had found entry difficult. It was noted that number 3 was a Home group house and the clerk said he would contact them.
  10. h) Defibrillator The clerk said that he last contacted Community Heartbeat on the 23rd May 2017 but had not received a response. Mr Kelly said that he was going to clean the inside of the telephone box at the weekend and invited other councillors to help.


12 Planning Applications None


  1. Correspondence
  2. a) Product information had been received from Broxap litter and recycling bins.
  3. b) HSBC had written about new initiatives for commercial banking.
  4. c) H M Revenue and Customs had written on the benefits to them of electronic payments.


14 Cheques to be approved for payment  


101244            F G Hoyle                                 (Audit Fee)                              £50.00

101245            Inland Revenue                       (Tax)                                        £150.00

101246            Printpoint                                (Stationery)                             £124.00

101247            J C Shaw                                  (Salary May 2016)                   £200.00

101248            J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £17.97


15 Parish Councillor’s Items

  1. a) Mrs Dixon said that there were reports of rats on the village. It was noted that the district council no longer provided a service but advice not to feed birds was given.
  2. b) Mrs McGuirk had been approached with a request for recycling bins to be placed in Moresby Parks. It was noted that they had been sited on the Commercial Park but were later removed because of misuse.
  3. c) Mrs Coward asked if the district council environmental health officer could be approached concerning a private house on Moresby Parks which was empty but in a poor state.
  4. d) Mrs Ogilvie said that the grass had been cut in Howgate and the farmer would remove the boxes in order that another area could be cut.
  5. e) Mr Kelly asked whether rota for use of the speed gun could be arranged and whether Mr Horricks would be prepared to organise the rota.
  6. f) Mr Kelly circulated a rural wheels leaflet and said they had been placed in the shop and a notice was in the newsletter.
  7. g) Mrs McGuirk said that the gate at the foot of the Old Pit Lane to Walkmill had been locked and chained. She said that prams and push chairs could not enter.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


The next meeting was fixed for the 3rd July 2017