June 2018

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Meeting Agenda

The agenda has not been posted

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 4th June 2018 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Lawson, Cllrs Coward Horricks, McGuirk, Ogilvie, B Parke, L Parke-Parr, N Troughton, Ward/County Cllr Barbour and the Clerk.


2 Apologies were received from Mrs Boyes and Mrs Pritchard


3 Minutes of the May 2018 annual meeting of the parish council. These were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Approval of note of the annual parish meeting and any matters arising. Mr B Parke said he was arranging for Mrs McGuirk and himself to visit the school


  1. Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour said that a number of matters discussed at the previous meetings had been reported to either district council officers or county council officers and he would follow up on these issues as required. The matters included inappropriate car parking at Solway Road, speeding on Eagles Way, drainage at Quality Corner, flooding at Station House where a new man hole had been installed in order that cameras might look at the system, dog fouling and dogs roaming in Moresby Parks. He said that the dog warden had been patrolling the area. The Parkfields Road sight lines were to be mentioned at the next highways working group meeting. The s106 agreement concerning the development at School Brow was still with the county council for agreement. Cllr Barbour said that verge maintenance was starting in the parish on the 25th June 2018

6b Public participation There was a question about the speed bumps on Moresby Parks Road. The county councillor said this work was still on the list of jobs to be undertaken by the highways department of the county council. It was reported that a street light on Merlin Drive had been obscured by branches from the adjacent tree.


  1. Police matters The clerk referred to the report for May provided by Cumbria Police. The report listed seven logs. 6 related to incidents concerning vehicles and one was sheep on the road. It was noted that an incident where the police were called to a domestic was not listed.


8 Newsletter The clerk referred to the draft notes with the agenda. Following a discussion amendments were made and it was agreed that the newsletter should be produced and circulated after the July 2018 meeting.


  1. Clerks Report
  2. a) Annual Accounts The clerk said that all the accounts were now on the website with the summary of elector’s rights and the period for the exercise of those rights.
  3. b) Defibrillator The clerk said that he had been asked to stick a number to the unit and place an information stick with the unit. Mr Troughton said he would deal with the request
  4. c) Rugby Club Car Park It was agreed that the chairman and the clerk should meet Mr Simpson from the rugby club to discuss that proposal from Mayson Bros.
  5. d) Parklands Road It was noted that the clerk was to check whether all the work requested had been carried out.
  6. e) Rowntree to Moresby Parks Road path The clerk was to check whether work had been undertaken.
  7. f) Wall Back Lanes The clerk was to check with Mayson Bros about this work.
  8. g) Grass Cutting Howgate It was agreed that Mrs Ogilvie would arrange for the grass to be cut. Cllr Barbour said he would strim around the notice board at Low Moresby.


  1. Planning Matters The clerk said he had been unable to attend the site visit in respect the residential development at land to the north east of Rannerdale Drive. Councillors were concerned about access to the development and the clerk said he would contact the planning officer.


  1. Correspondence
  2. a) Seafarers UK had written asking that the red ensign be flown on Merchant Navy Day (3/9/18)
  3. b) Glasdon had forwarded a product brochure
  4. c) Aon had written about data protection
  5. d) The Society of Local Council Clerks had written about information they supplied to parish clerks



12 Cheques for Payment

101308            J C Shaw                                  (Salary May 2018)                   £200.00

101309            F G Hoyle                                 (Audit Fee)                              £50.00

101310            J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £17.39

101311            Inland Revenue                       (Tax)                                        £150.00

101312            Lloyd Ltd                                  (Motor Mower)                       £61.97


  1. Parish Councillors Items
  2. a) Mrs Ogilvie said grass cuttings were being thrown on to land at Scilly Banks Mr Barbour said he would deal with the matter.
  3. b) Mrs Ogilvie reported that concern was still being expressed about the bridleway at Howgate.
  4. c) Mrs Ogilvie asked about the bus panel meeting. The clerk said he would make enquiries.
  5. d) Mrs McGuirk said that the vegetation on the path between the picnic table and the old railway line bridge on Walkmill Country Park needed to be cut back
  6. d) Mrs McGuire said that some of the board walk wire was working loose.
  7. e) Mrs Coward asked if the rough land opposite Moresby Parks by the Walkmill bungalows was ever cut and why the litter was allowed to accumulate.
  8. f) Mrs Coward asked if any progress had been made about the lamp at High Moor Road.
  9. g) Mr Parke said that the hedge on Kestrel Grove was overgrowing on to the footpath.
  10. h) Mr Parke said that bikers without helmets were using the lane towards Tivoli cottages. The clerk said that the police would be informed.


The meeting closed at 8.05 pm




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