June 2021

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Meeting Agenda

Moresby Parish Council

To Parish Councillors, the Ward Councillor and the County Councillor

Dear Councillor

The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 7th June 2021 at 7.00 pm. The meeting will be held in the rugby clubhouse and will be limited to parish councillors, the ward councillor, the county councillor and a maximum of 4 members of the public.



  1. Attendance
  1. Apologies and Announcements
  1. Approval and signing of the minutes of the May 2021 annual meeting
  1. Declaration of Interests

5a) Ward /County Councillor (issues to mention)

   (b) Public participation

  1. Police Issues
  1. Planning Matters

None to date

8 Walkmill sub-committee report

9.) Allotments

10) Play Area and Field cutting and fence

11) Motor Mower. Cutting and weeding of verges

12 Additional Litter Bins

  1. Correspondence (to note)
  1. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts (note to follow)

15 Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)

J C Shaw Parish Clerk 2nd June 2021

Meeting Minutes



















Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 7th June 2021 at 7.00 pm.

At the Rugby Clubhouse Moresby Parks


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Dixon, Horricks, Lawson, Ogilvie, B Parke, L Parke-Parr, Ward Cllr Minshaw and the Clerk.

One member of the public was present

Apologies and Announcements There was an apology from Cllrs Casson and Connery.

3 Minutes of the May AGM 2021 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed

  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.


  1. Public participationThemember of the public referred to item 10 (Planning) of the minutes of the May 2021 meeting. He said he had made the application but it had been refused by the district council. The chairman said the parish council had been consulted and the response was as set out in the minute. He said that the decision making body was the district council and any request for reconsideration should be made to that authority. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he would advice the member of the public.

5b. Ward/County Councillor.

There was no report from County Cllr Barbour

Ward Cllr Minshaw said that face to face decision making meetings had resumed but briefings and training was still on Teams. He said that he and the portfolio holder for Open Spaces had met the responsible officer to discuss the future of the play area at Eden Drive/Churchill Drive. He said that they were looking for finance to improve the area and move to an inter-generational open space.

  1. PoliceThe clerk said that he had circulated most recent newsletters. There were no issues to report to the police.

7 Planning The clerk said there were no applications to consider.

  1. Walkmill.Theclerk said that Gough’s solicitors were still waiting for a reply from the county council solicitor in connection with the asset transfer. The chairman said a number of the sub-committee had walked round the woodland with the CC ranger and his report was awaited. It was agreed that a virtual meeting of the subcommittee would be arranged in the next couple of weeks. The clerk said that Suzanne Cooper had retired and he would invite her replacement to the next meeting. The chairman referred to a “Trees for Cities” e-mail that had been circulated and it was agreed to discuss initially at the sub-committee.


  1. AllotmentsThe clerk said that Mr Benn’s plot and garage had now been let and the tenancy agreement signed. Payment had been received and for Mr Holliday’s garage. The clerk said he would continue to try to make contact with the tenant of Mr G Bryden’s old plot. The end plot beside the car park was the one remaining plot and he would ask for quotations to clear it up. He said he had asked Copeland Open Spaces team to deal with the Japanese Knotweed and would follow up.


  1. Play Area and Field grass cutting and fenceTheclerk said he was to meet the Open Spaces officer on the 8th June 2021 to discuss the maintenance and inspection of the units. He said that whilst Open Spaces had regained the contract for grass cutting nothing had been done and he would raise it tomorrow. The fence contract had been completed. It was agreed that the clerk should ask the head teacher to put an item in the school newsletter about litter in the area.
  1. Motor Mower Cutting and weeding of verges.The chairman agreed to allow the member of the public to join this discussion. Alan Lawson said he had approached a resident who had been previously named as a possible volunteer. He said that was not the case. The clerk said that there had been an e-mail from a parishioner complaining about the lack of grass cutting but a resident had now stepped forward willing to take on the duty. The question of use of the strimmer was discussed and whether the British Legion soldiers could be moved closer to the flower holders. Mr Evans and Alan Lawson said they would look at the problem.
  1. Additional Litter Bins.The matter was discussed but it was considered that additional litter bins would not help as there were sufficient bins in the parish and use of the existing bins was required.
  1. Correspondence
  2. a) Parton War MemorialThe clerk said he had received a letter from the Parton PC clerk asking if Moresby P C would contribute to the cost of some refurbishment work given that Moresby service men were commemorated on the memorial. It was agreed that some costs should be sought when a decision would be taken.
  3. b) Zoom LicenceThe clerk said that the Zoom licence expired in late June 2021. It was agreed not to obtain a new licence given that it was expected that face to face meetings would be the norm from now onwards but to keep the matter under review.
  4. c)Suzanne CooperThe clerk said tha Suzanne Cooper had retired and he had written to her on behalf of the parish council and the Howgate group thanking her for the work she had undertaken over the years much of which had been out of normal working hours.
  1. Cheques for Payment

101487            Inland Revenue                       (Tax)                                        £150.00

101488            Andrew Ward                         (Website and Hosting)            £305.00

101489            Mike Dowling Contracting      (Fence repair)                         £1800.00

101490            J C Shaw                                  Salary May 2021                     £200.00

101491            J C Shaw                                  Expenses                                 £29.52

101492            MPPFA                                     (Donation)                               £25.00

  1. Parish Councillors Matters
  2. a) Mrs Coward asked whether the telephone box containing the defibrillator was ever cleaned. Jo Dixon and Leanne Parke agreed to undertake the work. Leanne Parke referred to recent use of the defibrillator.The chairman said he had checked the unit and reset it since the event.
  3. b) Mr Parke said that garden waste behind the telephone box needed to be cleared. The clerk said he would ask one of the contractors that the parish council used to undertake the wok.
  4. c) Mr Parke asked what was to happen to the Christmas tree. The chairman said he would take action
  5. d) Mrs Coward asked whether the main right of way through Walkmill was a bridleway or footpath. The clerk said he would deal with the matter.
  6. e) Mrs Coward asked if the district council would repair the fence abutting their land at the end of Dent Road. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he would make enquiries.
  7. f) Mrs Coward asked whether midday lunches which were held in the Methodist church were to resume in the rugby club. The chairman thought not but would make enquiries.
  8. g) Mrs Boyes said there had been fly tipping on land at Scilly Banks.Theclerk said he would ask the enforcement section at the borough council to remove and advise the culprits.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm

Chairman……………………………. Date………………………….