March 2019

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Meeting Agenda

The agenda is not posted

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council.

Held on 4th March 2019



  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Lawson, Cllrs, Dixon, McGuirk, B Parke, L Parke-Parr Troughton, Ward/County Cllr Barbour, and the clerk. The chairman asked the vice chair to lead the discussions.


2 Announcements and Apologies: There were apologies from Cllrs Coward, Boyles, Horricks and Ogilvie. 16 members of the public were present.


3 Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the February meeting were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests. It was agreed that declaration of interests would be made if issues on the agenda arose


  1. Public Participation
  2. a) Members of the Public The issue of Walkmill Country Park was raised and the chair asked that the county councillor explain the current position. He said that the county council development panel had agreed that the permissive paths become rights of way and had been adopted by the council who now had the duty to maintain them. The sale would now be delayed until work to bring the paths up to adoptable standard had been completed. He said that in relation to the CROW Act he had been assured by officers at the county council that the CROW designation was in place and that the 6 month period was in relation to registering the designation and would not give a new owner the opportunity to revoke it. He said that the covenants in place at present were sufficient to cover the issues raised by members of the public in the past. So far as shooting rights were concerned the law required that guns be at least a set number of metres from housing. The county council had agreed to a final review before any sale was finalised. The clerk said he was asked at the February meeting the amount of money the parish council had spent on maintaining and improving paths on the land. He said the figure was £10138.75 over the last five years. He said that there had been match funding by the county council. In response a member of the public said that the item on the minutes referred to the Walkmill country park and it ought to have been the Walkmill community woodland. The clerk said the minute title reflected the agenda title. A member of the public said that the county councillor was mistaken concerning the Crow Act and further he believed that extra convents were required. Concern was expressed that sporting activities could impact on a reduction of wildlife and the present covenants were insufficient to protect the land as a community area. A number of members of the public asked again that the parish council seek an asset transfer. The suggestion was voiced by one member of the public that the land had already been given to the community and that the county council had no right to sell the land. It was also said  that the area be considered a special case  and be permanently retained and maintained by the county council as compensation for the inept handling and loss of access to areas of the adjacent Keekle site. A request was made that the most recent letter from the officer at the county council to Cllr Barbour be posted on the council website.
  3. b) Ward and County Councillors Cllr Barbour said that ward council elections were to be held in May 2019. In his capacity as a county councillor he said that he had been advised that additional speed bumps along Moresby Parks Road would be in place before the end of March 2019


6 Walkmill Country Park The chairman said that having had the benefit of listening to the residents and the county councillor the parish council now needed to take a number of decisions. It was agreed that whilst the parish council should work closely with the recently formed group some comments made during the public participation section would not be endorsed by the council. Cllr Barbour was asked to request further information on certain matters and the parish council agreed to meet again to discuss the question of an asset transfer.


  1. Police Report There was a report for February 2019. There had been 10 logs and the incidents of note were all road traffic matters on the A595 save one which concerned twelve tyres being dumped on the road between Moresby Parks and Pica. There were no matters to report the police.


8 Planning Matters

  1. a) Rosehill Theatre. Application for a satellite dish. There were no objections given that the dish was to be mounted on a side wall and would not be above the sky line.
  2. b) Bluebell House Low Moresby Application for the installation of Log Burner and electricity to supply heat and power to summerhouse There were no objections.


10 Clerk’s Report

  1. a) Waste Bin. The Back Lanes The clerk said h had received a message indicating that the bins would be in place during the course of the week.
  2. b) Path Moresby to Round Close) The clerk said that having heard nothing from the borough council he had reminded them of the message sent in December 2018.
  3. b) Age UK. The clerk said that Mrs Diane Taylor from Age UK would like to speak at April meeting. It was agreed that the clerk would make the necessary arrangements.
  4. d) Moresby Matters The clerk said that a newsletter had not been issued for some time and he would start to collect information for a spring issue.


  1. Correspondence
  2. a) A leaflet concerning insurance matters had been received from BHIB insurance.


12 Cheques to be approved for payment

101361                        Inland Revenue                       (Tax)                                        £150.00

101362                        J C Shaw                                  (Salary February)                    £200.00

101363                        J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £62.59

101364                        Parton Village Hall                  (Play Area maintenance)        £250.00


  1. Parish Councillors Matters:
  2. a) Mrs McGuirk said that she had been approached about dog fouling down the Old Pit Lane. It was noted that the bin was beside the notice board and the borough council would not site another on what was a private road.
  3. b) Mr Park said that despite erecting a new column there was still no electricity to this lamp on Parkfields Road.
  4. c) Mrs McGuirk said that food waste was again being thrown on to the Backs from one particular house. The clerk said he would again advise the Environmental Health officer at the district council. He said the miscreant had already been spoken to about this matter.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


The next meeting was fixed for the 1st April 2019


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