March 2021

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Meeting Agenda

To Parish Councillors, the Ward Councillor and the County Councillor

Dear Councillor

The next meeting of the Moresby Parish Council will be held on Monday 1st March 2021 at 7.00 pm. This will be a Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform


  1. Attendance
  2. Apologies and Announcements
  3. Approval and signing of the minutes of the February 2021 meeting
  4. Declaration of Interests
  5. Ward /County Councillor (issues to mention)
    • 5b. Public participation
  6. Police Issues
  7. Planning Matters
    • None to date
  8. Walkmill sub-committee report
  9. Clerks Report
    • a) Allotments
    • b) Play Area and Field cutting and fence
    • c) Flooding
    • d) Arrangements for annual parish meeting
  10. Correspondence (to note)
  11. Cheques to be approved in payment of accounts (note to follow)
  12. Parish Councillors Matters (issues to be noted)

J C Shaw, Parish Clerk, 21st February 2020

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Moresby Parish Council held on the 1st March 2021 at 7.00 pm.

Note: The meeting was held remotely on the Zoom platform. Members of the public were advised and able to join the meeting

1. Attendance:

Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Connery, Coward, Lawson, Ogilvie, B Parke and the Clerk.

2. Apologies and Announcements

There were apologies from Cllrs Casson, Dixon, Horricks, Parke-Parr, and Ward Cllr Minsha

3. Minutes of the February 2021 meeting of the parish council.

These were agreed

4. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.

5. Public participation

No member of the public joined the meeting.

5b. Ward/County Councillor.

The clerk said that County Cllr Barbour hadn’t contacted him but he knew he had not been well.

Ward Cllr Minshaw reported as below:

There is again little specific to Moresby to report. All meetings remain virtual ones.

Council budget 2021/2022. As you may be aware the Mayor’s proposed budget was rejected by council, primarily due to the recent external audit report. There is another budget meeting planned for this Tuesday. Full details- including the audit are linked from the CBC website.

Local government reorganisation. The UK government has launched a consultation that runs from now until April 19th 2021. All the four proposals can be found at

The position of the council is for a Carlisle/Allerdale/Copeland model. Please have a look and give them your views.

Fly tipping/litter: Remains an issue, please report to Copeland BC waste team (01946 598300)

Green/garden waste: It is my understanding that when this recommences (end of March) it will be back to fortnightly collections.

Separately I have been contacted regarding the provision of dog mess bins with the suggested locations of start of pit road (adjacent to Rugby club), Walkmill car park and by the twin bridges on the railway line path. I know this has been suggested before but with ownership of the woodlands changing it may be an opportune time to revisit the idea.

Moresby Matters newsletters were delivered around Low Moresby.

In a second report he said:

If it is raised this evening then please note that the broken flag (dimpled) on the corner of the terraces opposite the ex-phone box has been reported to CCC Highways by myself. It is a serious tripping hazard

6. Police

The clerk said that he had circulated most recent newsletters. It was noted that there had been travellers in the area offering to renew driveways but no problems had been encountered.

7. Planning Bonny Farm

The planning application concerned concreting the drive and the apron area around the farm buildings. There were no objections.

8. Walkmill

The clerk said that HFT Gough and co would act for the parish council. He had advised the county council who would now liaise with Goughs. He said that the county council had a fund for environmental matters and he had contacted the county councillor but had heard no more. The chairman said the walk round Walkmill had taken place and a list of improvement jobs compiled. Jodie Mills from the rivers trust was looking at the various grants that were available. It was agreed that subject to availability the sub-committee would meet on the 23rd March 2021.

9. Clerks Report

a) Allotments

The clerk said that he had not had a response from Brockbanks to his letter about the trustees reimbursing the parish council the costs to clear the plot. He said he had asked Works for You to quote to clear the plot. The quotation was accepted in the sum ex Vat of £800.00. Mrs Ogilvie reminded the clerk that she had contacted him about a request for a plot. The clerk said he would write to existing plot holders asking for the annual rent later this week. Mr Lawson said that he was prepared to report to the council any plots that were not been tended. The clerk said he would circulate the present tenancy agreement for consideration.

b) Play area and fencing.

The clerk said that Copeland borough council had advised the cost of a like for like litter bin. He said the bin in place was rusty and in need of replacement. It was agreed to inform the district council to replace the bin. The clerk said he had two quotes to cut the grass. It was agreed to accept the district council quote. Mike Dowling had written to say the grass cutting at Howgate would be the same price as last year. It was agreed to accept the quotation. Two quotations had been received to replace and repair the fencing around the playing field and play area. The quotes were to undertake different work and it was agreed to request a further quote so that there could be a true comparison.

c) Drainage/Flooding

Gillian Connery said that the district council had acted promptly when the stream behind High Moor Road was in danger of overflowing. The clerk said he would contact the Flood and Drainage officer at the county council about the work that needed to be undertaken further up the stream.

d) Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed to hold the annual parish meeting on the evening of the April parish council meeting. He said that would be the 12th April 2021 given that the first Monday of April was a bank holiday.

10. Correspondence

B C shelters had sent a brochure.

11. Cheques for Payment

  • 101471, J C Shaw Salary February 2021, £200.00
  • 101472, J C Shaw Expenses, £67.29
  • 101473, INK design, Print Newsletter, £188.00
  • 101474, Copeland B C, Street Lights, £700.80
  • 101475, Moresby Parks PFA (Donation), £20.00

12. Parish Councillors Matters

a) Mr Lawson commented on the state of the Roads and pavements in Moresby Parks.

b) Mrs Coward referred to the road and drainage problems by Emmaus House

c) Mr Parke said that pedestrians had complained about overhanging branches on the land at the end of Rowntree Close The clerk said he would contact the district council.

d) The chairman said he had spoken to a county council officer about the drain outside the shop and took the opportunity to point out the drainage problems on Moresby Parks Road.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm