May 2017 Parish Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of the

Moresby Parish

held on the 8th May 2017 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance 14 residents of the parish were present.


2 Election of Chairman: It was agreed that the chairman of the parish council would chair the meeting


  1. 3. Report of council activities 1\04\16 to 31\3\17 The clerk referred to the report circulated with the agenda and it was agreed that this report represented a fair record of the major activities of the council over the year ended 31st March 2017. In updating the report the clerk said at Section 2 Ward and County Councillors Martin Barbour had replaced Gillian Troughton as the county councillor for the Howgate division following the May 2017 county council elections. Section 5 Highways. The B5306 traffic count figures had still not been passed to the parish council Mrs Ogilvie said she would pursue the matter. Section 9 Landscape work The planters at Low Moresby and at Scilly Banks were to be filled with plants. Mrs Conway had said she would arrange for the work to be undertaken and would speak to Mrs McGuirk. The clerk said that he had asked the district council when litter collection would take place in Howgate He has asked for the cost of grass cutting at Howgate and he believed it was better to see the result of that enquiry before any decision was taken as to whether to try to get the parish council mower down to Howgate. He said that there would be a need to undertake some strimming in any event.Section11 planning matters. The clerk said he had spoken to the planning officer and no decision letter had yet been issued about the School Brow development. Section 12 Defibrillator The parish clerk said he had not had a response from the Community Heartbeat charity that was certainly waiting for BT to clear the kiosk. Section 13 Police and Enforcement Speed gun training had taken place when 5 councillors had attended. The designated site by the telephone box was questioned and the parish clerk said he would contact the police to see whether a second site could be subject to a risk assessment. Section 15 Donations It was requested that the donation to the Great North Air Ambulance should show that there had been two donations in the year and one had been in remembrance of the late Ossy Coyles. Section 16 Newsletter It was noted that a second newsletter was being produced and John asked that contributions be in by the 5th June 2017. The distributions would be as for the earlier edition. Section 20 St Mark’s Methodist Chapel The section was correct but the clerk updated the meeting on the old St Michael’s RC church when he said that the enforcement officer at the district council had been tasked with taking action about the land and the caravan close by the garage at the north of Moresby Parks road.



  1. Howgate Ward Steering Group Report The parish clerk presented the report and said that a group meeting would be arranged.


  1. Reports from other Parish organizations Mrs Pritchard said that the Rugby Club had struggled towards the end of the season but that the refurbishment of the clubhouse had been completed successfully. Mrs McGuirk said that she and Mrs Coward attended the Mary Jackson trust fund meeting and payments to widows in the parish continued to be made. Mr Kelly asked for some information about the fund to include in the newsletter. The Moresby branch of the women’s institute continued to meet at St Bridget’s church hall. . The old folks continued to hold a bingo session at the rugby clubhouse each week. The model flying club continued to meet monthly and a very successful Macmillan coffee morning had been held in the year. Mrs Coward said that a coffee morning for Hospice at Home was to be held on the 29th May 2017 at the rugby club. It was noted that the Rosehill theatre was almost complete and restaurant would be opened. St Mark’s Chapel at Moresby Parks was active with both church services and social events including a toddler group.

There was no other business


The meeting closed at 7.50 pm