May 2018 Annual Parish Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

The agenda has not been posted

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of the

Moresby Parish

held on the 14th May 2018 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance 8 residents of the parish were present.


2 Election of Chairman: It was agreed that the chairman of the parish council would chair the meeting


  1. 3. Report of council activities 1\04\17 to 31\3\18 The clerk referred to the report circulated with the agenda and it was agreed that this report represented a fair record of the major activities of the council over the year ended 31st March 2018. The clerk said that he had nothing to add. A resident raised the issue of repairs to the roads He said they were inadequate and gave examples where patching had proved ineffective.


4 Moresby Primary School The chairman welcomed Mr Ross Peacock the head teacher at the school. He said that he was pleased to report a positive picture with the standards consistent and in line with national expectations. He said that there was an Ofsted inspection in the last three weeks but the report had not yet been published. Pupils, parents and staff had all supported each other and he believed that the inspector had been impressed. Year one were to undertake phonetics screening shortly and the school were hoping for a 100% pass rate. He said that a new reading scheme was being tried with two teachers working and it was proving a success. School numbers were increasing with 101 pupils plus 23 in the nursery part time. The intake for September 2018 was expected to be 20 which was the highest in the last five years. Ross said that the financial position was good and an increase in pupil numbers helped. Ross outlined the out of school activities including sports events and visits He said that an end of year concert was arranged for the 13th July 2018 at Whitehaven civic hall and the end of term leavers presentation would be on the 24th July 2018 Ross said he would welcome assistance either in cash or kind to improve and extend the garden area. Finally he invited councillors to visit the school before the end of term. The chairman thanked Mr Peacock for his attendance.



  1. Howgate Ward Steering Group Report The parish clerk presented the report and said that a group meeting had been arranged for June 14th 2018 at Lowca.


  1. Reports from other Parish organizations Mrs Dixon said that the Rugby Club had struggled towards the end of the season but an effort was being made to involve a group of youngsters She said that the field required some more work to improve the drainage. Mrs McGuirk said that she and Mrs Coward attended the Mary Jackson trust fund meeting and payments to widows in the parish continued to be made with a grant of £100.00 for first year widows and £30.00 each year thereafter.. The Moresby branch of the women’s institute continued to meet at St Bridget’s church hall. . The old folks continued to hold a bingo session at the rugby clubhouse each week. The model flying club continued to meet monthly. It was noted that the Prince of Wales had attended the Rosehill theatre to mark the work that had been undertaken to extend and refurbish the building. St Mark’s Chapel at Moresby Parks was active with both church services and social events including a toddler group.

There was no other business


The meeting closed at 7.55 pm