November 2019

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Meeting Agenda

The Agenda for this meeting has not been posted

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 4th November 2019 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Boyes, Coward, Dixon, Horricks, Lawson, Ogilvie, B Parke, L Parke-Parr, County Cllr Barbour, Ward Cllr MInshaw and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements There were no apologies


3 Minutes of the October 2019 meeting of the parish council. These were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Interests

It was agreed to accept declaration of interests if and when they arose.

  1. Co-option of Councillors

I was agreed to co-opt Mark Casson and Gillian Connery to the council. They signed the declaration of acceptance of office form.


  1. Public participation No members of the public were present


6b. Ward/County Councillor Cllr Barbour said he would provide information on the Highways Information Management System at the next meeting. He said that the Traffic Regulation Order for a weight restriction on Gallows Lonning would be advertised before the end of the month. He said that a flood alleviation scheme around Merlin Drive would be carried out to unblock a water course and reconnect a culvert to the main system at Churchill Drive where a water flow monitor would be installed. The county council together with United Utilities were looking at ways surface water around Station House and the new houses on the old bowling green could be better protected. Ward Cllr Minshaw said that the hand rail beside the old railway line bridge had been repaired and that the Harras Moor development planning application which was refused at the last planning panel was before the panel this month.


  1. Police matters The clerk said that a note from the police indicated that a new report had been devised which would cover the whole of the Whitehaven area and he would circulate it when it was received but an item would remain on the agenda. The clerk said that he had spoken to Mr Cosgrove the Copeland area traffic manager about speed indication cameras. He said the system at Ennerdale Bridge was the most suitable. The county council would install the frame for a removable camera which would need to be stored from time to time. The clerk said he would ask about costs.


  1. Walkmill Sub-committee report The chairman reported that a meeting had been held on the 30thOctober 2019 when the sub-committee discussed progress. The aim was to hold a further sub-committee meeting before the December parish council meeting when a full business case would be put to the parish council for approval. It was agreed that if meetings were to be held in the Rugby Club the co-opted members of the council should become club members along with the ward councillor.


8 Half Year Accounts and Precept

The clerk referred to the half year accounts and the budget proposals paper. He said that that internal auditor had signed off the accounts. The council considered the precept for 2020/2021 and agreed a 2% increase which raised the precept to £14850 and would allow the cost of a number of matters to be met.


9 Bank Mandate

  1. a) Bank Mandate The clerk said that because Mrs McGuirk was no longer a councillor two more councillors should be added to the bank mandate. It was agreed that the new panel of signatories should be Mrs Coward Mr Lawson Mrs Ogilvie and Mr Troughton
  2. b) Howgate Account It was agreed that a separate account with the same signatories as above should be opened for the Howgate account.


10 Donation Request Great North Air Ambulance

It was agreed to donate £100.00 to the charity


11 Planning Applications None


12 Clerks Report

  1. a) Play Area The clerk said he was making arrangements with the district council officer to go through the play area report but had not yet fixed a date.
  2. b) Dog Fouling Bin The clerk said he understood from a resident that the bin was now sited at the middle corner near the playing field entrance.
  3. c) Defibrillator The chairman said that when the then county councillor obtained a grant from her member’s allowance in part it was towards an annual support package. It was agreed that the parish council contract with Heartbeat Trust to provide annual support over a period of 4 years at £126 each year. The chairman said that the spare pads were now out of date and it was agreed to ask the Heartbeat Trust to supply two new sets at £42 per set
  4. d) Landscape work The clerk said he had met the representative from Mike Dowling and he had given him a quote of £100.00 to clear the three areas that Mr Lawson had highlighted In view of the small amount he had asked for the work to be undertaken. The council approved the payment.


  1. Correspondence
  2. i) ACT was offering further Household Emergency Plan leaflets and it was agreed to ask for 50 to be put in the shop.


  1. Cheques for Payment

101404  J C Shaw                               (Salary October 2019)                                     £200.00

101405  Printpoint                                            (Stationery)                                        £21.00

101406  Mike Dowling                                     (Landscape Work)                            £120.00

101407  Stamper (Bonny Farm) AL             (Mower Diesel and Rent)              £365.00

101408  J C Shaw                                               (Expenses)                                          £40.99

101409  Parton Village Hall                           (Play area maintenance)               £300.00

101410  Moresby Village School CCC         (Donation Fireworks)                     £200.00

101411  Community Heartbeat Trust        (Annual service and pads)            £359.50


15 Parish Councillors Matters

  1. a) Mr Lawson said that an accident at the corner of Quality Corner and the Rosehill road had been caused by overhanging branches from Kingston House. County Cllr Barbour said that he would check that the highways officers at Lillyhall were aware and that there would be a requirement for sight line improvements.
  2. b) Mr Lawson said that drivers were now avoiding the speed bumps outside Stamper’s farm by driving onto the grass verge. County Cllr Barbour said he would speak to the highways officers to see whether any action could be taken.
  3. c) Mrs Ogilvie asked whether another traffic count could be arranged for the B5306 through Howgate because of the high level of traffic especially HGV’s that were using the road.
  4. d) Mrs Ogilvie asked whether since the new road surface on the B5306 the drains and gullies had been cleared.
  5. e) Mrs Coward asked whether the empty house on Moresby Parks opposite the end of Solway Road had been reported. The clerk said he had contacted the Copeland district council officer
  6. f) Mr Parke asked whether any action was to be taken to connect power to the new lamp opposite 7 Park End Road. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he would speak again about this matter
  7. g) Mrs Coward said that the 40 mph sign beyond the Commercial Park had been damaged some five weeks ago and no action had been taken.
  8. h) Mrs Coward said the diesel spillage on the old railway line footpath had been reported to the Environment Agency Te clerk said it would be discussed at the next Walkmill meeting.
  9. i) Mrs Parke-Parr said that there had been complaints of rats on the Back lanes. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he would report the matter.
  10. j) Mrs Dixon said that she had received complaints about improper on the pavement outside the garage and at the junction by the shop.
  11. k) Mr Casson asked whether any progress had been made to re-instating a bus service from Moresby Parks. Ward Cllr Minshaw said he was working with a new councillor who had succeeded in re-routing a bus through Moor Row and he hoped that he could work with him to re-connect Moresby Parks but it would not be a easy job.
  12. l) Mr Troughton said that next year would be 150 years since the first house was built in Moresby Parks and the parish council should consider how it celebrated the birth of the village.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm




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