October 2017

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Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Moresby Parish Council

held on the 2nd October 2017

Moresby Rugby Club


  1. Attendance: Chairman Cllr Troughton, Cllrs Coward, Horricks, McGuirk, Ogilvie, Pritchard, Ward/County Cllr Barbour, and the Clerk.


2 Apologies and Announcements: There were apologies from Cllrs Boyes, Dixon, Lawson and Parke. Two members of the public were present. The chairman said that councillors would have seen the resignation letter from John Kelly who was leaving the area. The resignation was noted. The clerk said he would contact the elections officer at the district council who would issue the appropriate notice of vacancy. The clerk said he would write to Mr Kelly thanking him for his work on the council.


  1. Approval of the last minutes: The minutes of the August 2017 meeting were agreed.


  1. Declaration of Member’s Interests: It was agreed that a declaration would be made should an item arise on the agenda.


5 Police issues The clerk said that he had received a note from Hollie Dennis about the issues down at Eden Gardens. She had spoken to Mr Perkins and Mr Ball. Community tension mediation had been offered. County Cllr Barbour said that he had made enquiries with the public rights of way officer at the county council who had said that the county council owned no land in that area. They did however have responsibilities for the proper use of the right of way and it was felt that there must be legitimate access rights to the properties otherwise an underpass capable of use by vehicles would not have been built when the dual carriageway was constructed. The clerk said that the information on Www.police.uk indicated that there were 4 crimes reported in Moresby Parks and 1 at Howgate for July 2017 and that was the latest information.


  1. Public Participation
  2. a) A member of the public expressed concern about speeding in Moresby Parks. He said that speeding was not only on Moresby Parks Road but also on School Brow and on the main roads through the new estate. He suggested Speed Indication Devices at four points. The clerk said that he would make enquiries with the clerk at Workington town council about the SID at High Harrington. A query was raised about an abandoned vehicle beside the garage. It was noted that the car was on private land.

6b Ward and County Councillors Ward Cllr Barbour said that there had been cyber attack at the district council and the IT services had been badly affected. He said that a lot of manual intervention had been required to recover information. The top priority had been the revenue and benefits section and that progress had been made in this area. Cllr Barbour said that other councils were helping Copeland with this problem. The councillor turned to county council items He said that he was discussing the flooding issues with the county council officer who had spoken to his colleagues in the Making Space for Water group. He said he had spoken to officers about the abandoned caravan and would continue to pursue this matter. He was active with Trudy Harrison the Copeland MP in discussions with Post Office management about the problems at the Moresby Parks post office. He said that there had been a recent highways group meeting which had discussed A595 problems. He was arranging a surgery with Trudy Harrison MP but it was likely to be at Distington.


  1. Christmas tree Both Mrs McGuirk and Mrs Ogilvie had spoken to Mr Bennett about a Christmas tree. Mr Bennett said that he was also going to put winter plants in the boxes. The clerk said that he had spoken to the vicar about the electrical requirements for the Christmas tree. Mrs McGuirk said that solar lights may be the answer.


  1. Traffic and Highways The clerk said that he had spoken to the officer from Highways England and it had been agreed that the drop in provisionally arranged for late October 2017 would not now take place pending the publication of the report on the eastern relief road. He said that he had received a note about grass cutting on Eden and Churchill Drive. Mr Kelly had cut this area of grass and he would reply to the resident informing him that the grass had been cut for the last time this year.


9 Winter Warmth Fund The clerk said that it had been agreed that an effort would be made this year to encourage residents in the parish to apply to the fund for assistance if it was appropriate. The clerk said he would prepare a note to be circulated at both the WI meetings and at the old people’s bingo afternoon. Mrs McGuirk said she would deal with the matter.


9a Howgate Meeting It was noted that Mr Lawson would not attend the meeting and Mrs Ogilvie agreed to take his place. The clerk said that there would be a discussion on the Moresby Embankment, an officer was attending from the district council to talk about the Copeland Plan and there would be an item about community led housing and the emergency leaflet. Both these items were ones that involved Action for Communities in Cumbria and their officer would be present.


10 Planning Applications       There were no applications. The clerk said that he had a note from the planning officer about the School Brow development. It read “The delay (in issuing a decision letter) is due to the formulation and agreement of the Section 106 agreement. It is nearly complete but is subject to review by the council, the county council and the applicant.”


11 Clerks Report

  1. a) The Post Office He said that he had posted a note on Facebook about the non-appearance of the outreach service. It was thought it had stopped coming to Moresby Parks but was apparently seen last week. It was agreed to make further enquiries.
  2. b) 3 Dent Road The clerk said he had received a response for the Home Group who reported that work had been done on the pathway but that no action was to be taken on the fence.
  3. c) School Brow and other landscape work. The clerk said that the vegetation at the top of School Brow had been removed He said that a request for the three items had been made together but he could not say whether the other jobs had been completed. Mrs McGuirk said she would check.
  4. d) Litter Bin Walkmill Car Park. This was now in place.
  5. e) Field behind the Methodist Chapel. The clerk thanked Mr Sewell who had provide information from which he had been able to track down the owner’s address. He had passed the information on to the resident who had first made the enquiry.
  6. f) Frizington Civic Amenity Site The clerk said that a further extension to allow household waste recycling on this site was to be made and a planning organisation contracted by the county council were asking for views It was agreed that residents in Moresby Parks used the site in preference to Clay Flats Workington but it was agreed that the facilities ought to be improved.
  7. g) Public Meetings. It was noted that over 20 attended the defibrillator session and it was generally felt to be really useful. There had been a poor attendance at the broadband meeting with only 6 people present Mr Troughton said that the presenter had raised the issue of a Community Broadband group but enquiries revealed that the group would need to raise £60k. Mr Troughton said that now that Mr Kelly had left the council another councillor should be trained to check the defibrillator.
  8. h) St Michaels RC Church The clerk said that he had not heard from the district council enforcement officer about this issue.



  1. Correspondence
  2. a) BHIB had written offering to quote for the parish council insurance for the year 2018/2019.


12 Cheques to be approved for payment  

101260            Ink Design Print Cumbria        (Leaflet)                                  £68.00

101261            Tullnet Internet Services         (Hosting Fee)                           £40.00

101262            J C Shaw                                  (Salary September 2017)        £200.00

101263            J C Shaw                                  (Expenses)                               £56.44

101264            Moresby Parks PFA                 (Donation)                               £30.00


13 Parish Councillor’s Items

  1. a) Mrs Ogilvie said that the gullies in Howgate had been cleared out
  2. b) Mrs Ogilvie asked whether a bus shelter could be erected at Howgate. The clerk said that he would speak to Mrs Young at Parton who obtained funding for one in that village.
  3. c) Mrs Ogilvie asked if progress had been made in re-erecting the village sign Cllr Barbour agreed to take this matter up.
  4. d) Mrs Coward asked about empty allotments Mrs McGuirk said she would make enquiries to locate the specific site that was vacant.
  5. e) Mrs Coward again raised the problems with the pavements in Moresby Parks Cllr Barbour said that the work was on the list held by the county council.
  6. f) Mrs Pritchard said that no action had been taken about the large pot hole close by the school.
  7. g) Mrs McGuirk said that she had received some pleasing comments about the boardwalk at the Walkmill country park.
  8. h) Mr Troughton said that if a newsletter was to be issued before Christmas items need to be gathered together for the next meeting.


Item discussed in the absence of the public

It was agreed to increase the chairman’s expenses budget line by £200


The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.


The next meeting was fixed for the 6th November 2017